Personal Training

 At Active 24Hour Fitness, our Personal Trainers can provide you with the motivation, advice and encouragement that will take your workouts to another level. Whether you need some extra support training for an event, a holiday, or longer term goals, having your own trainer is the best way to achieve your goals sooner.


It’s not just about what you can achieve in the gym, our Personal Trainers can also provide assistance on nutrition and just general lifestyle changes, all focsed on you helping you achieve your goals faster.

Personal Training sessions are structured one on one sessions with our qualified and experienced Trainers. Personal Training will help you:

  • reach your goals faster

  • enhance your workouts by using correct exercise technique

  • reduce the risk of injury

  • keep it interesting by providing variety in your workouts

  • keep you motivated 


Your training program is truly personalised. We understand that everyone is different and that your fitness and health goals, and your capacity to achieve them, are different from anyone else’s.